Terms And Conditions

Before you buy and download the products for personal purposes, please make sure that you have read, understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions below.
GaaPlay provides the software subject, assuming you comply with all the terms and conditions. If you do not agree with them, please do not use our website and leave it immediately.

1. Intellectual property rights

  1. All existing Intellectual Property Rights of GaaPlay, its contractors, partners, services providers, suppliers, or licensors (if any) shall belong and remain with its respective owners. Nothing in this Agreement shall transfer or assign such Intellectual Property Rights to you.
  2. All Intellectual Property Rights created and/or developed pursuant to this Agreement by GaaPlay (its suppliers, contractors, partners, and/or licensors (if any)) shall belong absolutely to GaaPlay.
  3. You shall not, whether by yourself or through any other person, engage in any conduct that will infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of GaaPlay or those of any third party in relation to your use of the Platform and/or the GaaPlay Services.
  4. You shall use any Information and/or properties made available to you by GaaPlay under this Agreement in which any of GaaPlay’s Intellectual Property Rights subsist solely for the purpose of and only to the extent permitted by this Agreement. This Clause shall survive the termination of this Agreement.
  5. For claims of copyright infringement and notification procedure, please go to https://www.GaaPlay.com/dmca.

2. Product Delivery
Once payment has been confirmed, you can download the purchased products on your account page in the “Downloads” section. This usually occurs within 10-15 minutes after the payment is completed. You will also receive a letter to your email with information about how to download the product.

3. Payment
By selecting a product, you agree to pay the fees indicated.

4. Refund Policy
All sales are final. No refunds will be given except in the case when the digital product is completely unusable.
If the digital product is unusable, we will need time to attempt to fix it. Otherwise, we will issue a refund.
Plus if customers don’t follow the details on the product page and blindly place an order and then ask for a refund so it won’t be possible.

5. Support Policy
We provide only basic technical support (consultations). For example, we can assist in installing digital products, but we don’t carry out any freelance work.

6. Privacy Policy
Any information provided by the buyer will be used solely for the purposes of the transaction, delivery, and notifications about the new software products and solutions to any customer service issues.
By registering on the website, you give your consent to receiving messages via e-mail (newsletter subscription). If you want to opt out of receiving these messages, please notify us. After receiving your feedback, we will remove your email address from the mailing list within 24 hours.

7. Guarantees
We guarantee that any digital product purchased on the website does not contain any malware, viruses or advertising. However, we do not give you any guarantees that the products purchased on the website will operate exactly as you wish; not guaranteed to operate exactly the same as per the new update released compared to the older one, such as new bugs found.
All digital products are provided “as they are.” We do not accept any liability for any damage to sites due to the use of the downloaded products.

8. Terms and Conditions
The website reserves the right to change or modify the terms and conditions without prior notice. We also reserve the right to change the terms of the sale of digital products. We accept no liability to you or any third party in the event of changes in the conditions of the sale of digital products.

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